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Q-quest Agrobiz Sdn Bhd is a company that operates an integrated sugarcane farming industry withing i capability and strength, offer safety and accepted quality consumables, concerns on CSR, and securing the interest of the share holders.

Mr Tumai is a beverage products contain purely 100% Crush Fresh Juice to beautify your new lifestyle, well for health and balances your diet. More information, view Product List and Product Origin.

Our green farms are located in the heart of Semerah, Johor - the perfect place where the heritage of a small agriculture town and the natural quality of its valley environment are perfectly combined - yielding fresh and high quality sugar canes all year long.
Fresh and high quality sugar cane drinks comes from a well operated factory. We are proud to own a modern and prestigious factory that produces drinks in the form of juice and cordials. Our hygienic factory ensures the products are high quality.
Organic Life Style
To support organic life style, we only produce organic sugar canes, under the most healthful and natural conditions. They are grown, cultivated, harvested and kept in its purest and most natural state.